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Unit 4 English test

Which poet makes the most use of personification?

In “Sonnet 75”, Spenser makes the point that..
his poem will immortalize his beloved and their love

“Sonnet 35” can be termed a..
complaint of someone sick with love.

In line 5 of “Sonnet 75,” “that does in vain assay,” what does the term “assay” mean?

Petrarchan and Shakespearean sonnets have different what?
Rhyme schemes

What is the rhyme scheme for “Sonnet 75?”
abab bcbc cdcd ee

The poem ends in a what?

What does “Sonnet 75” describe?
an argument about immortality

In lines 1-4, the persona says he twice..
wrote his love’s name in the sand

Eke is an archaic form of..
the word also

What does the speaker say he will do in line 11?
preserve for all eternity her good qualities in his poetry

The last two lines of the poem indicate that the speaker..
believes in life after death

According to convention, poems of this type are to have roughly how many syllables in all?

In “Sonnet 31,” by Sir Philip Sidney, what problems does the persona face?
The persona laments the cruelty of vain, arrogant people who love to be adored but never return love. He wonders if the moon has had similar experiences.

What is the theme of Spenser’s “Sonnet 1”?
The persona is saying that if only his love with look with kindness upon his poetry, then he will be happy because he doesnt need anyone else’s approval. All he writes is for her benefit.

William Shakespeare did not..
leave much evidence of his existence

Most of Shakespeare’s sonnets were written..
during an outbreak of the plague

In “Sonnet 130,” Shakespeare does what?
He says that black wires grow on his love’s head, compare his love’s voice to music, and says that his love is more rare than most others.

In “Sonnet 116,” Shakespeare describes love how?
By contrasting what love is with what love isn’t.

“Sonnet 29,” can be best described as what?
A most flattering compliment

What does the speaker say about love in “Sonnet 116”?
That it doesn’t change

What does “Sonnet 130” rely on?
sensory images

On the surface, what does “Sonnet 130” appear to be?
insult to the persona’s love

What logical argument does the couplet at the end of “Sonnet 116” make?
The speaker’s ideas must be true because he believed them strongly enough to write them

What was the name of Shakespeare’s theatre?
The Globe

What does the speaker in “Sonnet 116” say love lasts until?

What does the speaker in “Sonnet 116” believe about true love?
That true love is dependable

What happened to the speaker’s people in “Psalm 137”?
The people have been taken from their own land to another place.

What was the main idea communicated by “The Sermon on the Mount”?
The speaker is suggesting that people should not worry about material wealth or physical well- being because God will provide for them

In the sections of the King James Bible that you read, what did you notice most?
Archaic language (thee, thou, thy)

What was the King James Bible created for?
In order to give common people access

What did Queen elizabeth vow to do, rather than to let any country invade her kingdom?
To take up arms and fight

“Psalm 23” is often..
read at funerals

What is “Psalm 137” about
people in captivity

In “Sermon on the Mount,” what does Jesus encourage his people to do?
not to worry about worldly goods.

The Father of the “Parable of the Prodigal Son”..
welcomes his son with open arms

Prior to the King James Bible, the Bible was only available in Latin and hand- lettered editions, which meant..
the Bible and its contents were not accessible to common people

In “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love,” what is the speaker’s attitude toward the woman he loves?

What is the speakers attitude in “The Nymphs Reply to the Shepherd”?

“Thy gowns, thy shoes, thy beds of roses, /Thy cap, thy kirtle, and thy posies/ Soon break, soon wither, soon forgotten, / In folly ripe, in season rotten
the joys of the shepherd will fade

What is the basic form of a sonnet?
14 lines

What is restating a thought in a simpler way an example of?

In Sidneys “Sonnet 31” what does the moon symbolize?
a constant ideal

What characteristic of Shakespearean sonnets is found in Sonnets 29, 106, 116, and 130?
A conclusion in the final two lines

Whats the theme of “Sonnet 29”?
The speaker’s love makes up for all of his problems

Where does a=the rhymed couplet appear in a Shakespearean sonnet?
in the final two lines of a poem

How is love described in “Sonnet 116”?
Love is eternal

What is the tone of “Sonnet 130”?
humorous and realistic

Which word is closest in meaning to “impediments”?

What does the younger son do in “The Parable of the Prodigal Son”?
He wastes the money his father gives him

Which event inspired Queen Elizabeth to give her speech to her troops?
Spanish planning to invade England

Who was Queen Elizabeth’s father?
Henry VIII

What literary device is used in this line from Psalm 23: “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.”
a metaphor

In “Sermon on the Mount” what does Jesus tell people they must do?
They must serve only God and not seek wealth on earth.

What is Sidney’s reference to the moon an example of?
A kenning

What is the main idea of “The Parable of the Prodigal Son”?

What does this passage from “The Sermon on the Mount” mean? “Is not the life more than meat, and the body raiment?”
The spirit is more important than the physical body

The longing for what appears in pastoral poetry?
The longing for a more simple past

How many quatrains are in a Shakespearean sonnet?
Three quatrains

Who was the King James Bible written by?
Scholars and clergymen

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