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Marcellus Essay Examples

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Hamlet Questions and answers

1.1 1. What happens when Francisco and Bernardo meet at the beginning of 1.1? Where are we, and when? Why is there confusion over which one is supposed to challenge the other by asking “Who’s there”? Why is Horatio with Bernardo and Marcellus? Who is he? They saw something strange, we are at Denmark. He…

Characters in Hamlet

William Shakespeare uses various elements, themes and connections between them to present ideas of enduring value in ‘Hamlet. His character development in Hamlet &Claudius and use of dramatic techniques present values in ‘Hamlet’ those of which are timeless. These enduring values include guilt, corruption and life & death. Shakespeare has used various dramatic techniques to…

King’s Ghost In “Hamlet”

During Shakespeare’s lifetime people were, in general, more religiously devout and more likely to believe in spirits and ghosts. Spirits could be messengers from heaven or evil in nature. This is one reason Hamlet so readily believed his friends when they told him they had seen his father’s ghost; he was also more likely to…



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Imagery in William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”

In Hamlet, imagery of disease, poison and decay, are used by William Shakespeare for many purposes. Marcellus’ line in Act I illustrates the use of this imagery very well, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Corruption is rampant, like a contagious disease infecting the court. The atmosphere of disease serves to heighten the…

The theme of Hamlet: Death and Decay

Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is a well known and has been overly discussed about throughout the world. Finding out just one theme of Hamlet has been an argument for a long time and many agree with me in saying that there isn’t just one theme but many sub-themes that go on throughout the whole story. As…

Subterfuge: Theme of Hamlet

After studying and reviewing the book Hamlet, there are many different types of themes that stand out. Subterfuge was one of those themes and it is an important theme with several examples from the book supporting it. Many of these examples are important parts in the book and they all seemed to have something to…

Death theme In the play “Hamlet” by Shakespeare

Death has always been the most debated subject regarding humans belief. It is part of life, yet a mystery nobody has experienced to tell. It is said to drive people’s actions, however Death is still a mystery as the whole human race still wonders how it acts on people’s lives and what is next after…

Disease, Decay and Poison in Hamlet

William Shakespeares Hamlet has been considered the greatest tragedy to have ever been written, in which the theme of disease, decay and poison is embedded deep within the well-known plot of the play. Such theme is developed through the actions, dialogues and figurative language of the characters. These morbid images that are incorporated not only…

Shakespeare’s Hamlet

One of the challenging aspects about transforming a play like Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” into a film which preserves the brilliance and depth of the play as it is written is the issue of the play’s minor characters. For example, in Franco Zeffirelli’s “Hamlet” (1990) which starts Mel Gibson in the lead-role, s direct emphasis on the…

Hamlet Quotations Act 1

Hamlet Quotations Act 1 INSTRUCTIONS: Foreachquote: (a)Identifythespeaker,towhomitisaddressed,andthesituation, (b)Explain(indetail)thesignificanceofthequoteintermsofallthatapply:themes,characterrevelation,plot development,dramaticdevices(irony,foreshadowing…),poeticdevices(simile,metaphor,alliteration…),etc. (c)Uploadtoturnitin.com EXAMPLE: “Thisbodessomestrangeeruptiontoourstate.” (a)​HoratioisspeakingtoMarcellus;HoratioisreferringtotheghostofHamletSr.thattheyhavejustwitnessed. (b)​HoratiobelievesthattheghostisappearingbecausefoulplaywasinvolvedwithHamletSr.’sdeath.Heisnotpositive aboutit,butheknowsthatsomething“strange”ishappening.Thiseventputstheactionoftheplayinmotion(plot development).Also,thecommentforeshadowstheimpendingdoomthatDenmarkmaybefacing. 1. “Alittlemorethankin,andlessthankind.” 2. “Weprayyouthrowtoearththisunprevailingwoe,andthinkofusasafather…” 3. “Othatthistootoosulliedfleshwouldmelt…” 4. “Frailty,thynameiswoman…Omostwickedspeed!Topostwithsuchdexteritytoincestuoussheets!” “Donotassomeungraciouspastorsdo,showmethesteepandthornywaytoheaven,whilelikeapuff’d andrecklesslibertinehimselftheprimrosepathofdalliancetreads…” 6. “Thisaboveall:tothineownselfbetrue…” 7. “Whenthebloodburns,howprodigalthesoullendsthetonguevows.” 8. “Thedramofevildothallthenoblesubstanceoftendouttohisownscandal.” 9. “SomethingisrotteninthestateofDenmark.” 10.“Revengehisfoulandmostunnaturalmurder.” 11.“Hastemetoknow’t,thatIwithwingsasswiftasmeditationorthethoughtsoflovemaysweeptomyrevenge.” 12.“Theserpentthatdidstingyourfather’slifenowwearshiscrown.”…”Omypropheticsoul!Myuncle!” 13.“Omostperniciouswoman!Ovillain,villain,smilingdamnedvillain!…Thatonemaysmile,andsmile,andbea villain.” 14.“Therearemorethingsinheavenandearth,…Thanaredreamtofinyourphilosophy.” 15.“Thetimeisoutofjoint.Ocursedspite,thatIwasborntosetitright.”

Hamlet vs Agamemnon

In my opinion, Hamlet was more tragic a play than Agamemnon. As the audience, I felt more inclined to sympathize with Hamlet due to his many sad soliloquies and series of events leading to his downfalls. This is because there was far more to learn about the specific defeats of Hamlet, there were far more…

William Shakespeare

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest playwrights of all times, William Shakespeare had a great gift. The art of being able to hold the audience captive by creating situations where it was impossible to decide between real and unreal. A blurring of lines that made it difficult for one to decide whether or not what was…

The Tragic Decay

When faced with misfortune and adversity, individuals often attempt keeps their lives balanced and in focus by retrieving any lost honour and certainty. Honour, defined as the honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions, can be understood in different respects, depending on the perception of the specific individual. Certainty, however, is simply known…

Me, Myself and Madness

What is madness? Madness cannot be categorized into one definition, nor can it be simplified into one specific action. In Hamlet, Hamlet, prince of Denmark, is consumed by madness and is alternately driven to his own death. Despite the fact that many people believe that Hamlet’s mad behavior was planned and controlled. It is arguable…

Hamlet – Ghost’s Speech – Act 1

In the beginning of the play, the reader is introduced to the disorder in Denmark, a prevalent motif. The mysterious death of the king spurred the disorder, and the prospect of revenge was magnified by the supposed appearance of the late King Hamlet’s ghost. The ghost’s appearance and subsequent speech intensify the disorder by validating…

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