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Comparison Essay Essay

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There are some differences and similarities between “Hills like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway and “Eveline” by James Joyce. In fact, these are readings that somehow have a connection and differences in plot, setting, conflict, character and point of view. The plots of these two stories are reflected in different ways. In “Eveline” the action star in her head while in “Hill like White Elephants” the action star with the discussion on the couple. These two stories show similarity when the two main characters, who are Jig and Eveline face a difficult situation, which is based on making a strong decision that somehow could affect their morals as women. “If I do it you’ll be happy and things will be like they were before and you’ll love me? Then it will be nice again if I say things are like white elephants, and you’ll like it?”(Hemingway 2).Those lines are the ones that Jig expresses as her difficult situation that she is confronting in her life. Jig maybe comes from a conservative rich family in which having an abortion is something that kills her moral.

But what makes her more concerned is that she does not know if her boyfriend will stay with her after having the abortion that she is planning to do. However, in “Eveline” the hard decision that Eveline has to make is related to left her previous life that she had with her family and breaking the promise that she made to her mother before she died, for the simple reason of lift a new unknown life with her boyfriend whom in reality she does not know very well. If this really happens, then this situation will kill her moral duty as the family householder. However, Even though, these stories have some connections in their plots, they also have some differences. For instance, in “Hills like White Elephants”, the action begins when Jig begins to argue her boyfriend; whereas in “Eveline”, the action initiates in her head when she thinks about everything that she has been through her entire life, and watch all the familiar objects of her house.

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On one hand, “Hills like White Elephants” doesn’t have a great connection with “Eveline” in the setting. This story is in a train station in Spain, between Barcelona and Madrid. While the story of “Eveline” takes place in 1914 during World War I in Ireland, in Europe when the world economy was not good and get money was very hard. The main characters of these two readings have different and similar ages between them. For example, “Hills like White Elephants”, Jig was a young girl whom had a boyfriend more mature and older than her. Also she appeared to be older than Eveline whom was just a 19 years old girl with a boyfriend maybe 2 or 3 years older than her. Another part in which the stories are connected each other and at the same time have differences, is the conflict of both stories. In “Hills like White Elephants”, the conflict begins when jig and her boyfriend begin a conversation about the operation that he wants her to have. He doesn’t understand as a woman, the internal conflict of that decision that she has.

And in “Eveline” there is an internal conflict with herself in the second paragraph of the reading when it says that “She looked round the room, reviewing all it familiar objects, which had dusted one week for so many years, wondering where on earth all the dust came from. “Perhaps she would never see again those familiar objects from which she had never dreamed of being divided” (1). It is clear that she is having a conflict inside her head, thinking of left her home, and never sees all these familiar objects again that she is used to regularly see.

Also, these two stories have an external conflict as well, and this is the society where they live. The point of view of the two stories by Ernest Hemingway is in third person objective, because the author allows readers to understand the reading through dialogue. One the other hand, the point of view of James Joyce’s story is third person limited omniscience, because this story allows the readers to see the events through Eveline’s. In conclusion, even though these stories are different in some part, through comparing the plots, conflicts, characters and point of views, readers are able to see the connection that each one has.

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