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Chapter 10 MKTG199

What social network did not succeed in the U.S. but has been successful in other countries?





Social networks blur the line between business and personal life.

Why is the Coca-Cola Facebook page different from other brand pages?

A.)It was one of the first company managed brand pages on Facebook.

B.)It is one of 253 dedicated to the same product.

C.)It uses a high quality photo as a profile photo.

D.)It listens to fan feedback and applies it to its marketing strategies.

E.)The company shares the page administration with fans.

Why are social networks so useful for businesses that sell to consumers?
A.)It costs much less than traditional advertising.

B.)Companies can easily see what the competition is doing on social networks.

C.)It is a useful medium for broadcasting messages to a large audience.

D.)They are a great way to find and reach potential customers.

E.)It does not require any technical knowledge.

A white label social network can also be called a corporate social network.

How does brand intelligence relate to social networks?

A.)It is the information that companies can collect by monitoring social networks.

B.)It explains a company’s ability to use social networks for marketing purposes.

C.)It relates to a company’s popularity on a social networks.

D.)It is a way to assess a company’s transparency online.

E.)It is a measurement of a brand’s identity.

Ryze was the first social network.

Which of the following statements is false?
A.)Social networks have become an effective way to find new customers

B.)Social networks allow companies to build brand awareness

C.)People on social networks seek out brand relationships.

D.)Social networks serve as a channel for marketing messages

E.)Companies can converse with target audiences on social networks

Why should firms consider investing in a presence on larger social networks?
A.)They set social media trends and have the largest audiences.

B.)It is where the competition is.

C.)It is where good content has the best chance of being shared.

D.)It is where the consumers are.

E.)They will likely grow, so a presence there will pay off in the future.

What is the appeal of a private social network for a nonprofit?
A.)Its supporters do not use general social networks like Facebook.

B.)It provides a means for them to organize a cause without the distractions of a general social network.

C.)It allows the nonprofit to amplify its message.

D.)A private social network allows for more genuine relationships with the members.

E.)It creates a feeling of exclusivity for its members.

It is considered a best practice for companies to set up a profile on Facebook.

What is a social network site?
A.)A website where users can share thoughts and information

B.)A photo or video sharing site.

C.)An online service where members can establish relationships

D.)A business-to-consumer digital platform.

E.)A type of discussion forum.

Large social networks are being threatened by niche social networks that cater to specific interests.

One advantage of a white label social network is that
A.)It can be hidden from the competition.

B.)It has low costs.

C.)It can be customized to suit the needs of a particular audience.

D.)It allows a company to monitor its employees.

E.)A company can preselect who can access it.

Orkut is the leading social network in Brazil.

Discussion boards are an earlier form of social networks.

According to the text, which is not considered a mistake on a LinkedIn profile?

A.)A boring headline.

B.)Writing a profile summary in the third person.

C.)Choosing a broad or not relevant category.

D.)Completing a profile with as much detail as possible.

E.)Pasting your resume verbatim into a profile.

Which social network made the mistake of alienating its early adopters by deleting suspicious accounts?





What did Quantivo learn about targeting groups on LinkedIn?

A.)Product-focused white papers were the most popular types of content.

B.)Broadcasting messages to groups was usually well-received.

C.)Most LinkedIn groups have similar dynamics and characteristics.

D.)A group’s activity level is more important than its size.

E.)It is best to join groups under a company identity.

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